EU4Youth Awards

Yuriy Shamray

  • Submitted by: Giovanni
  • Description: Until 2014, Yuriy lived in Marinka and worked in Donetsk. When the armed conflict in east Ukraine began, he had to quit his job as the front line carved between his home and work. As the unemployment rate grew in the area, Yuriy decided to get self-employed. He started to breed quails in a summer kitchen of his house, and the demand for poultry soon exceeded Yuriy’s production capacity. Financial support in the form of a grant allowed Yuriy to purchase a 1000 eggs incubator, and now he can even hire his fellow villagers to take care of the poultry.

The EU4Youth Award winners were selected among the beneficiaries of the five EU-funded EU4Youth projects, which have been supporting youth in Armenia, Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine during 2018-2020. These are 15 outstanding young people who have been selected to receive the EU4Youth Awards, out of a total of 18,000 beneficiaries since the EU4Youth programme was launched in 2018. More information about all EU-funded initiatives for youth in the Eastern Partnership region is available here:

The special awards will be provided by EY, which implements EU4Youth Coordination and Support project. The EU4Youth programme’s purpose is aligned with EY’s commitment to support the next generation workforce and to positively impact the lives of one billion people by 2030. Through EY Ripples , EY people use their skills to help young people and underserved groups to succeed by conveying knowledge related to entrepreneurship, adaptability,  financial literacy and other 21st-century skills. Discover more.

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